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Zamp FS-9 Solid Snell M2020

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Part Number:ZAMH

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Building on the success of the Zamp FS-8, the all new FS-9 consists of a lightweight Fiberglass Shell meeting the Snell M2020D standard. The FS-9 offers superior Fiberglass impact absorption, a characteristic only seen on helmets twice the cost.

Features include:

  • Composite Fiberglass Lightweight Shell for superior performance.
  • Air-Flow Vents– Adjustable Chin and Scalp Vents with Rear Exhausts.
  • Plush Removable/Washable moisture absorbent fabric Interior.  Liners interchangeable for custom fit.
  • Z-19 Shield Optically correct with Lock Button in Closed position.
  • Snell M-2020D and DOT
  • New Graphics

Model Numbers:   

H759003  Solid Black
H759001  Solid White
H75903F  Matte Black
H75915F  Matte Gray

Optional Accessories:

Part # Description  Sug. Retail  
HALCL19L FS-8/FS-6 Crown Liner  $                      9.95
HALCL19M FS-8/FS-6 Crown Liner  $                      9.95
HALCL19S FS-8/FS-6 Crown Liner  $                      9.95
HALCL19XL FS-8/FS-6 Crown Liner  $                      9.95
HALCL19XS FS-8/FS-6 Crown Liner  $                      9.95
HALCL19XXL FS-8/FS-6 Crown Liner  $                      9.95
HALCP19L FS-8/FS-6 Cheek Pads  $                    13.95
HALCP19M FS-8/FS-6 Cheek Pads  $                    13.95
HALCP19S FS-8/FS-6 Cheek Pads  $                    13.95
HALCP19XL FS-8/FS-6 Cheek Pads  $                    13.95
HALCP19XS FS-8/FS-6 Cheek Pads  $                    13.95
HALCP19XXL FS-8/FS-6 Cheek Pads  $                    13.95
HARZ191 Z-19 Shield Retention Kit  $                      5.95
HASZ19CL Z-19  Series    Clear  $                    24.95
HASZ19DK Z-19  Series   Dark Smoke  $                    27.95
HASZ19IM Z-19  Series   Iridium  $                    31.95
HASZ19LT Z-19  Series   Smoke  $                    24.95
HASZ19SM Z-19  Series   Silver Mir  $                    31.95
HIKZ19XXS XXS FS-6/FS-8 KitCheek&Crown  $                    19.95

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