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WEGO™ IIID - No Logging - For Existing Data Acquisition

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WEGO IIID - No Logging - For Existing Data Acquisition

This WEGOIIID Wide-band AFR Sensor Interface Only - This  dual channel interface unit comes without internal data logging or LED display.  The unit is intended for automotive use with an existing data acquisition system.

Single channel interface unit with 0-5V analog AFR output for automotive applications, includes Bosch LSU 4.2 oxygen sensor, and 18 x 1.5 mm weld nut


  • Includes, WEGO IIIS interface plus one (1) wideband sensor and one (1) 18x1.5mm sensor weld bung
  • 0-5V analog air/fuel ratio (AFR) outputs for interface to data acquisition systems and dyno instrumentation
  • Can be used for on-road or dyno testing
  • Suitable for automotive, motorcycle, and other small engine applications
  • Highly accurate with less than ±0.10 AFR error over 10.3-19.5 AFR range
  • Easy free-air calibration for sensor aging effects
  • Wide supply voltage range from 11-16V allows operation from battery on small
  • engines or race vehicles with an alternator
  • Current draw is approximately 2 amp
  • Fully encapsulated and water-proof
  • Compact size: 4” long x 2” wide x 0.5” height

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