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Nitrous Flare Jets

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These DynoTune Nitrous Flare jets are Precision Machined to create a perfect flowing jet. They work with all dynotune Nitrous systems and others like NOS, Compucar, etc.... Note: Will not work with the NX or zex kits!

Jet basics: Jets have numbers stamped into the sides of them. The number is the size hole that is drilled in the jet. Example, a #28 jet has a .028" hole in it. Jets can be used for nitrous or fuel. When the jetting chart calls out for a #58 Nitrous jet and a #32 fuel jet, simply buy a #58 and a #32 jet. Make sure and don't mix the numbers up when inserting them into your fogger nozzle etc...

Most jets will come in brass, some jets will come in stainless as inventory changes over.

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