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NX Brand Nitrous Jets

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There has been a lot of bragging about who makes the best, most accurate jets. Some claim brass jets are eroded by flowing gasoline and nitrous, thus making them inaccurate. While it is true that the fl ow of gasoline and nitrous will eventually wear away the brass surface, that process would take about 1 million years, not a concern for most of us. The NX HP Jets are manufactured on CNC equipment, and are guaranteed to be within .0005 of specifi ed jet size. In recent testing, using the same jet size, HP jets out flowed the competition by 35%! That's right 35% more flow through the same orifi ce, how you ask? The HP jet was designed to be more than just a hole in a piece of brass; its contoured inlet and multi-stepped outlet allow turbulence free fl ow with no restrictions.

  • Individual jets are ordered using the prefix 17, just add the jet size to the end as follows;
  • Example1: A size 41 jet would be part # 17041P
  • Example2: A size 136 jet would be part # 17136P

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