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NOS Brand Nitrous Kit

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For the motorcycle enthusiast who wants to be sure of optimal nitrous system tuning, the NOS 03000 series systems are the ultimate. Measured amounts of N2O and fuel are injected directly into each cylinder's intake port, lending control, perfect tuning, and complete adjustability.

This becomes especially important for those of you who need super-high nitrous flow for all-out racing. The engine tuner can control each cylinder individually, so you can change the mixture variation merely by changing jets. Some special installation procedures may be required. APE manufactures billet nozzle manifolds for most popular applications, others will require drilling and tapping intake ports for nozzle installation.

When you consider an increase of torque and horsepower on the order of 35-40%, it's clear that the initial effort involved installing the system is 100% worthwhile.

Kit Contains:
2 lb. aluminum bottle (empty due to air freight regulations)
Fuel system injector pump
Exclusive "fogger" nozzles
Aircraft quality nitrous feed line
All necessary mounting and installation hardware
Complete instructions and tuning tips

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