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MTC Clutch Fiber Set

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If you have an MTC Clutch, why would you trust it's performance to another manufacutrer's clutch plates?
These Plates are designed to work with all of the MTC Clutches for the highest and most consistint performance possible!

MTC Clutch Fiber Kits:
CLU-VTX101                   HONDA (VTX) Clutch Kit                                                    175.95
CLU-K167K                     KAW (KZ900/1000) Clutch Fiber Kit (8)                              110.95
CLU-K168K                     KAW (ZX-10) Clutch Fiber Kit (10)                                      137.95
CLU-K168K                     KAW (ZX-14) Clutch Fiber Kit (10)                                      130.95
CLU-S143K                     SUZ (GS1100/1150) Clutch Fiber Kit (9)                               123.95
CLU-S149K                     SUZ (GSX1300R Hayabusa) Clutch Fiber Kit (10)                137.95
CLU-S153K                     SUZ (GSXR1000) Clutch Fiber Kit (10)                                 137.95
CLU-T172K                     TRIUMPH (ROCKET III) Clutch Fiber Kit (10)                    137.95

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