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MRE Air Shifter Kit

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Just a push of the button and an instant gear change takes place, resulting in significantly reduced elapsed times.

M*R*E air shifters come in several configurations;

DELUXE. This is the one the pros use. It comes complete with an NHRA / Prostar / IDBA legal DOT approved air bottle which is mandatory at all NHRA race tracks. It has the larger heavy duty switching valve / shift cylinder assembly. It includes a handlebar pushbutton assembly with air gauge and filler, plus all lines, fittings, etc. necessary for installation. The optional 3" inch shift cylinder" is necessary on some Harley Davidson race engine chassis combinations.

JUNIOR.The junior air shifter is aimed at the budget racer / street rider. It uses a non-DOT air tank and has the smaller switching valve / shift cylinder assembly. The DOT approved tank is available separately ( see below ) for bracket racers wanting to use the junior shifter on NHRA tracks.

ELECTRIC OVER AIR. Both the deluxe and junior shifters are available in "electric over air" configuration which is popular with late model sportbike riders where handlebar space is limited. Just wire the shifter through the horn button. Another popular use for the EOA shifter is the drag racer using any kind of automatic RPM controlled shifting device.

100-000 Standard deluxe

100-000A 1" handle bar mount / Harley

100-000B Electric over air

100-000E 1" handle bar mount / 3" shifter / harley


2000-000 Standard junior shifter

2000-000A With DOT/NHRA tank

2000-000C Electric over air

2000-000D Electric over air /w DOT-NHRA tank


AIR TANKS ONLY / For updating shifters
1000-011 Deluxe shifter DOT/NHRA air tank assy

2000-010-DOT Junior shifter DOT/NHRA air tank


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