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MPS Hayabusa 2'' Low Profile Oil Pan Trap Door Style

Your Price: $499.00
Part Number:MPS1-0633
The trap door design allows oil to flow freely to the back of the pan during acceleration. During deceleration the door closes and traps the oil in the back of the pan. This keeps the fixed pick up submerged in oil both accelerating and decelerating. The oil that bypasses the pressure relief valve has been ported to the back of the pan as well. This will prevent just pumping oil from the back of your engine to the front. These CNC machined, billet aluminum pans are available in 1” and 2” deep versions. They both feature a fixed oil pump pickup with screen. Please note: This oil pan was designed to not use the oil cooler. An oil cooler block off and removal of the oil passage restrictor is required when removing the oil cooler. Please Note: Factory bolts will not work with 1" pan. Qty 14 M6-1.0x16 bolts provided.

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