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MPS Electronic Engine Kills

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MPS Sport Bike Electronic Engine Kill (4 coil) [+$163.50]
MPS Hayabusa ECU Shift Kill Reporgam and Harness [+$158.40]
MPS Hayabusa ECU Shift Kill Harness Only [+$70.40]
MPS Sport Bike Engine Kill or Auto Shift Replacement Harness [+$5.50]
MPS Air Valve Diode Kit

MPS Electronic Engine Kills

The new generation MPS Air Shifter Electronic Engine Kills have several new features:

MPS Gen 2 Electric Engine Kill

  • The kill time can be adjusted from 10ms to 100ms in 10ms increments.
  • Direct Air Valve activation – air valve plugs directly into the kill box
  • Fixed 25ms delay from air valve activation to kill activation.
  • Dedicated Kill Ground direct to the cylinder head.
  • Isolated power circuit.
  • Small Size 4.0” x 2.8” x 1.2”

The new Gen 2 Sport Bike Electronic Engine Kills (1-0263-1) were designed specifically for sequential firing 4 coil ignition systems like those found on most sport bikes today. The Original Electronic Engine Kill (1-0211) was designed in 1987 for drag race bikes (2 coil) to replace the unreliable air kill. The new Gen 2 kill box has a few new features while retaining the robust components proven in our original kill boxes. We have isolated the kill circuit ground. Kill time is set with dip switches under the cover from 10ms to 100ms. The air valve is now controlled by the kill box and has a delay for the kill. This prevents having wasted kill time when there is no air to the shift cylinder. The delay allows the cylinder to pre load before the ignition kill happens. We offer our exclusive, no hassle, free repair or replacement lifetime warranty on the 1-0263-1 kill box just like our older kill boxes. Be sure to ask our competitors about their lifetime warranty. I think you will find they are all less than 6 months if any at all. Custom wiring harnesses with a shifter/horn toggle switch are available as an option for some specific bikes to make wiring your MPS shifter a snap.


02 and Up Hayabusa ECU Shift Kill

MPS ECU HarnessThe MPS ECU Shifter Kill is the new high tech innovative way to kill the motor to air shift. MPS reprograms your factory Suzuki ECU to allow it to kill both the fuel and ignition between shifts. It features a small delay in activation to effectively load the shifter before the kill event occurs. This works particularly well for dry nitrous bikes to eliminate the pop between gears and does not trigger the FI light. The ECU Shifter Kill comes complete with a MPS ECU Kill Harness that features total plug and play compatibility and requires absolutely no cutting or splicing. It also has a toggle switch to select standard horn operation or air shifter activation with your horn button. It can be installed easily in just a few minutes. The ECU is reprogrammed with 60ms kill time. Any kill time between 30ms and 120ms in 10ms increments can be programmed. ECU turnaround time is same day. As a bonus we will raise the rev limit, remove the 186 MPH speed limiter, and remove the timing retard in low gear.

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