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Fuel Solenoids

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We believe DynoTune solenoids are the best solenoids available! Compare the features, Stainless constsruction, High power coils, powder coated housing, High flow etc.

Why buy DynoTune Solenoids? They are the best available. Ask the competition what seal material they use in the fuel solenoid? If they say Fuel Viton you could be in trouble. With all the chemical additives in fuels today they attack the fuel seals in days! This will cause the solenoid plunger to swell and stick. The result is a solenoid that will not open! DynoTune uses a very expensive custom seal that took years to develop. Ours works with alcohol, race fuels, octane booster, nitro methane etc. E85 Safe (up to 175hp)!

The SuperPower shot/Cheater style solenoids use 1/8"npt inlet/outlet ports. The competition does not give you all this because they mass produced over-seas.

.178" orifice 

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