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Dyna Shift Minder

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Product Overview

The Dyna Shift Minder System is the ultimate in racing shift light products. The Shift Minder System consists of an attractive billet aluminum Shift Light and the Shift Minder Control Module. The Dyna Shift Light is a hallmark of the quality, reliability and innovation that Dynatek strives to include in every product. Machined billet aluminum with an attractive black and gold anodized finish contribute to a custom rugged appearance. The Dyna Shift Light is more than the most attractive Shift Light on the market, it is also track proven to be the most reliable. Repeated track testing on Pro Stock drag vehicles has proven the Dyna Shift Light to be capable of withstanding the rigors of racing with highly extended bulb life compared to other products.

The Dyna Shift Light is activated by the Dyna Shift Minder Control Module, which is a small electronic box which monitors the engine rpm in order to trigger the shift light at precisely the right time. The Shift Minder Control Module has been designed with extremely accurate circuitry to insure triggering accuracy to better than 1%. The Shift Minder Control Module is adjustable to switch at any of 64 different RPM settings with a 125 rpm increment between settings. The Shift Minder Control Module is self contained and requires no additional parts for rpm switch point selection.

Newly added for 2004, the High RPM versions of our Shift Minders are designed to work with the higher revving engines in the latest sportbikes. The DSM-2H is designed to work with the tach signal on most new 2 and 4 cylinder sportbikes, or with the coil signal on high revving 2 cylinders. The DSM-4H is designed to work on the same applications that the DSM-4 works on, but works in a higher RPM range.

The Shift Minder also has a built in bulb test feature, when power is first applied to the Shift Minder, an attached Shift Light will turn on momentarily indicating bulb connection.The Shift Minder control module is available separately and can be used to activate other devices besides the Shift Light. For instance the Shift Minder output can be hooked to an air shifter solenoid for automatic shifting at a preset rpm. The Control Module could also be used as an rpm activated switch to turn on a nitrous injection system, activate a high speed fuel system circuit or any other rpm controlled function.



When ordering, pay attention to the part Number! 'dsmS' means System, where 'dsM' means Module only.


     Shift Minder System W/Shift Light, 2 Cylinder High RPM (8,000 to 15,875 RPM
     Shift Minder Control Module, 2 Cylinder High RPM (8,000 to 15,875 RPM)
     Shift Minder System W/Shift Light, 4 Cylinder High RPM (8,000 to 15,875 RPM
     Shift Minder Control Module, 4 Cylinder High RPM (8,000 to 15,875 RPM)
     Dyna Shift Minder System w/ Shift Light,, 4 Cyl (6,000-13,875rpm)
     Dyna Shift Minder Control Module, 4 Cyl (6,000-13,875rpm)
     Dyna Shift Minder System w/ Shift Light,, 2 Cyl (4,000-11,875 rpm)
     Dyna Shift Minder Control Module, 2 Cyl (4,000-11,875 rpm)

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