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Dyna 4000 Super Pro Ignition System

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Product Overview

Dyna 4000 Super Pro Drag Race Ignition is a high energy inductive ignition designed to meet the needs of the professional drag racer. The DYNA 4000 includes a built-in two stage rev limiter that is used for launch control and over rev protection.

Product Features

  • Uses the DYNA Pro Series Crank Trigger as a pickup. The DYNA 4000 Super Pro is simply connected between the trigger and the ignition coils.
  • Automatically shuts off when the engine is not running, even if the ignition power is left on. This prevents battery drain and coil overheating.
  • Built in diagnostic circuitry and an indicator LED that can be used to static time the motor.
  • Must be used with DYNA DC9-1, DC9-2, or DC9-4 coils for proper operation.
  • Available as both a dual output unit for single plug per cylinder engines and as a quad output unit for dual plug per cylinder engines.
  • Available for both in line four cylinder and Harley Davidson engines.
  • The DYNA 4000 Super Pro is housed in an easily mounted case, approximately 6" x 3 3/4" x 1 1/4".

Dyna 4000 Ignition Application : Ignition Kits, Ignition Modules

  • NOTE (Harley): If the customer needs a trigger assembly, part #DCT-HD trigger must also be ordered.
  • NOTE (4 Cyl): If the customer needs a trigger plate assembly, a Dyna Crank trigger for the engine of interest must be ordered. All crank trigger kits include a trigger plate and a Dyna 4000 rotor.
  • Coil types are:
    • DC9-1 0.7 ohm, two tower, blue coil
    • DC9-2 0.7 ohm, four tower Twinfire
    • DC9-4 0.7 ohm, single tower, blue coil

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