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Digital Firestorm Ignition/Nitrous Control System

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Part Number:DFS-1000-KIT

The Digital Firestorm Ignition/Nitrous Control System offers the latest digital technology to give you control over every aspect of the nitrous and ignition system in a compact design.  Racers no longer need to have an ignition unit, kill unit, shift counter, timers, nitrous controller, retard controller etc.  You can also retain your stock fuel injection control unit or run carbs.

Now you can download all of your run information onto a laptop computer for review and storage.  You can also make all of your adjustments and changes with or without a laptop!  Last minute changes while in the staging lanes are easy with the graphic display and low profile push buttons on the unit.


  • Works with stock sportbike crank triggers.
  • Programmable rev limiters for launch, burnout, and track
  • Adjustable shift RPM and kill time per gear
  • Auto shift capable with programmable 1-2 shift delay and solenoid on time
  • User customized ignition curve with start retard
  • Gear, launch, boost and time based ignition retard
  • Fully programmable nitrous and fuel solenoid curves
  • Built in nitrous RPM window switch
  • Activation, clutch and shift inputs can be ground or +12v
  • Wideband O2 sensor input for data logging and nitrous safety shut-off.
  • Selectable gear lockout for nitrous
  • Programmable analog output for data logging or sensor adjustments
  • +12 volt timer output
  • Tach output
  • TPS input 
  • Data logging of RPM, TPS, wideband O2 input, boost, nitrous solenoid, fuel solenoid and ignition timing)
  • Operating Voltage 12-18 volts.
  • Dimensions -  5 7/8" x 4 1/8" x 1"

Fits the following motorcycles:

  • Suzuki GS1100-GS1150/Kawasaki KZ900-KZ1000 with high res Digital Firestorm gold rotor
  • Suzuki GSXR-1000 with 8x crank trigger and 2-wire cam sensor.
  • Suzuki GSX1300R Hayabusa with 24x-1 crank with 2-wire cam sensor (02-07)
  • Suzuki GSX1300R Hayabusa with 24x-2 crank with 3 wire cam sensor (08+)

DFS Kit includes:

  • Digital Firestorm Control Unit
  • Digital Firestorm Ignitor
  • Wiring Harness and Terminal Pack
  • USB Flash Drive with Software
  • User Manual

*Those with GS1100-1150, KZ900-1000-J or Hayabusa w/FBG Trigger Conversion will need to purchase a DFS Crank Trigger Rotor (sold seperatly).

**Those keeping the stock ECU and Fuel Injection on the bike will need a set of Dummie Coils (sold seperatly).

***We do not recommend the .5 ohm coils, damage could occur over time to the drivers in the unit. 

***The GM LS coils are not recommended for the 4 magnet set ups, dyna coil with ignitor will perform much better

User Manual

Testing is available for $75

Installation Instructions

DFS Dataview Software V3.0 IMPORTANT - The controller MUST be updated to version 3.0.0 or above to use the listed FLASH image files. All user setup file data will be converted when opened. You may save the updated file with a new name if desired and the original file will not be altered.

New Features.

  • All user setups and program settings are now located in My Documents\DFS-1000 Dataview.
  • Nitrous Pulse Frequency of 40hZ. When going to higher pulse frequency be sure to set the Nitrous, Fuel, and Analog Out tables as required.
  • Nitrous, Fuel, and Analog Out tables will now scale automatically when the pulse frequency is changed.
  • Optional MAP Sensor to increase range of Boost timing control.
  • Ability to select Launch rpm control algorithm.
  • Option to either open a New Default user setup or load the last user setup file when launching program.

Controller specific data.

  • The Shift Solenoid is now turned off when the engine rpm drops during the shift process. Thr duration timer is still used, however it will be cut short once a rpm drop is recognized.

DFS Flash Utility

Flash Image Files:


DFS_GSXR_1000 V3.0

DFS_GSXR_1300_2002-2007 V3.0


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