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BBR Carb Straps

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Carb Straps are designed to help keep your carbs securely fastened to your engine during a back fire, crash, or that one time you didn't tighten the boots enough.

Carb straps are a cheap insurance policy that will help prevent your carb, or carbs from falling out of their boot and causing a fire, or simply costing you a round win.
The BBR Straps are designed to mount to your exhaust flange bolt or spigot bolt. (You may need to drill out the opening to fit your bolt.) This will keep the carb tied to your engine instead of being tied to your chassis where they could subject your carbs and carb boots to unneccessary twisting and vibrating.
Some racers have bought a cylinder head with boots that have been port matched bigger then their carb flange. You can tighten the clamps until they feel secure, but why lose a round and risk a fire because you have a carb fall off? How about that time you were in a hurry and stuck the carbs on, but never did that final tighten?
Using the BBR Carb straps can help keep you winning and can protect you from burning your bike to the ground!

These fit Lectrons and Mikuni Flatslides

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