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The Racetoolz dual gauge leakdown tester is a precision tool for measuring the amount of cylinder leakage in an engine. It will work on any internal combustion automotive or motorcycle engine with threaded spark plugs. The tester requires an external air supply of at least 100 psi.
Simple to use. The adaptor hose screws into the spark plug hole and air supply is connected to the tool. The regulator is adjusted so the left gauge reads 100 psi. Any leakage is shown on the right gauge. If the right gauge reads 90 psi, that cylinder has 10% leakdown. In most cases, the tester can pinpoint the leakage help diagnosis damage before the motor is disassembled. For instance, if leakdown shows on the gauge, listening at the exhaust outlet may produce the sound of escaping air. This would indicate leaking exhaust valve/s. In the air intake, intake valves. Oil fill, leaking rings, etc. (Instructions for using the APE Dual Gauge Leakdown tester here.)
LDT1000-10 Leakdown tester with 10mm (sparkplug) hose.
LDT1000-12 Leakdown tester with 12mm (sparkplug) hose.
LDT1000-14 Leakdown tester with 14mm (sparkplug) hose.

Note: NGK plugs starting with "C" are 10mm. Starting with "D" are 12mm If you use another brand, you will have to remove the plug and measure it.

Leakdown testers are not returnable.

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