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Shock Spacer Kit For Dragshock

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Shock Spacer Kit For Dragshock
Part Number: 780670

Under certain circumstances, it may be necessary to remove spring pre-load from your Dragshockâ„¢ or Dragshock EZâ„¢ to force the motorcycle to â€Å“squat" harder on the launch, in an attempt gain additional traction on slippery surfaces. While this is an acceptable tuning practice, reducing the spring preload can also create the risk of bottoming out suspension and/or chassis components.

This is where our Shock Spacer Kit comes into play. The spacers install under the shocks soft urethane bumper, raising it, which allows the shock to bottom out at the end of its travel, instead of the bikes 'hard' parts colliding in other areas. Our simple split design allows the Shock Spacers to be held in place with a zip tie and easily stacked as needed. No shock disassembly is required. Supplied thickness: .25, .38, .50 and .75

Note: An increase of rebound dampening adjustment of your Dragshockâ„¢ or Dragshock EZâ„¢ may be required to prevent excessive bounce off of the urethane bumper when using the Shock Spacers; 2-5 clicks more/slower is typical.

Shock Spacers may also be used as simple travel limiters to prevent a variety of rear shock and chassis clearance issues.

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