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Black Piuma Marvic Magnesium Wheels

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Marvic Magnesium Wheels
Part Number: 78931Marvic

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This model has unique characteristics of its kind. Thanks to the five hollowed spokes with tube- sections, this sand gravity cast wheel is at its maximum in terms of stiffness and strength, and it bears highest levels of fatigue without sacrifice, remaining at top level in terms of lightness.

A magnesium wheel technically perfect, that is never missing from the start grid of competitions worldwide.


  • Front  6.17 lbs
  • Rear  8.59 lbs

Available sizes


  • 3.5? x 17?
  • 3.5? x 16?


  • 6? x 17?
  • 6.25? x 17?
  • 6.75? x 17?

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