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BB Racing Contingency Program

Posted by Bill Bullers on 1/18/2019 to News



BB Racing will be paying 10 percent of what you spend with us up to $2,500. This gives you the opportunity to win up to an additional $250!

Participating Race Series:


  • All participants must have a BB Racing Contingency sticker CLEARLY displayed on both sides of their bike for the entire event.

  • If you enter more than one bike, each bike must have the contingency stickers properly displayed.

  • You are responsible for letting us know of your win. You must provide proof of your win, and proof of the Contingency sticker and placement within 7 days.

  • All purchases must be made at a non-discounted rate.

  • You must create an account on prior to the event.

  • You may win up to $250.00 per day!

  • Incomplete registration forms will be rejected.

  • Payment will be made via Check and mailed to the address in your registration. If it changes, you must let us know!

  • If you're riding a borrowed bike, and both owner and rider are eligible for contingency, ONLY the rider will be paid. Exceptions may be made on a case/by case if approved prior to your win.

  • Any applicable shipping charges and/or sales tax do not count towards the available contingency balance.

  • If you do not follow these rules, you will be ineligible.

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